about the venue

H.O.P. Youth Place (formerly Par Place)

Our festival home, H.O.P. Youth Place (formerly Par Place), is located 3km NW of Prince Albert. H.O.P. Youth Place is a hidden gem tucked away in the forest off of HWY 3. H.O.P. Youth Place is owned and operated by H.O.P. Youth Engagement Services, a local not-for-profit. H.O.P. Youth Engagement Services work with youth and children who are typically considered “at-risk” and from disadvantaged family situations or need coaching in developing confidence in social settings.

They believe in engaging with them where they’re at by encouraging them to up and get active, become more connected to their community and to make the right decisions to live life to the fullest.

For more information about H.O.P. Youth Place or H.O.P. Youth Engagement Services- please visit www.hopyouth.ca or send an email to info@hopyouth.com