about the festival


We've always loved bringing people together with music and art. What better way to do this than with a music festival? Here's abit about our festival, what to expect, and a tidbit on us!


What: A music festival in a field of couches! Chester Fest is a music festival like no other. We're bringing 100 vintage couches to our festival site for patrons, artists and volunteers to sit on. Is this the comfiest music festival ever? It may just be!


Our festival will include some of our favourite things: food, free art classes, comfy couches, a foosball tournament, a community canvas/art piece for our patrons to leave there mark and much more!



When: The second annual Chester Fest is set for Sept 10 and 11, 2021! You can find more about dates and tickets on our event page.



Where: The Chester Fest festival will take place at H.O.P. Youth Place, formerly Par Place, 3km NW of Prince Albert, SK. Performer auditions, fundraisers and house concerts will take place at various venues in and around PA.



Why: Plain and simple! We love live music and vintage couches. We want to combine the feeling and energy of a music festival with the comfort and intimacy of a house concert. Our goal is to bring some great music (big and small names alike) to Prince Albert with a unique twist on a music festival.


Who: Kayanna Wirtz and Joel Rohs are the two crazy people behind the idea. With some help from friends and family, we've finally started to turn this long-time dream into a reality!